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Use it as a to do list, watch those videos you found yesterday, save that article you saw on the train, keep that great idea you had on the go
Be creative!

Create notes and save links for later, from your mobile, computer, tablet, etc. No app required. Just mail them to this e-mail address... that's it, there is nothing else to remember!
We will save them for you

Stay on top of everything

Create custom categories, share to Twitter, receive a daily summary of your notes via e-mail.
You will never forget that important link or tought you had!

So what is

For people that want to quickly save notes, links and thoughts on the go, without the hazle of learning or downloading a new app, offers a new way to do it by using the power of e-mail!

That's it, e-mail, it doesn't mater if you use Gmail, Outlook, desktop or mobile. it will work! and the best thing is that there is only one address to remember ""

That's it, no login, no password and no apps are required to save notes on the go. altough you still need to sign up at least once, se we can recognize your e-mail address ;)

Once that you have some free time you can come here, on your phone, desktop or tablet, and see you notes, organize them by categories and get stuff done!, are you ready to start?


About was created by Ed Rivera

I am a newcomer to the development world, I have a little bit of experience with iOS development and a lot of experience with video games… mostly playing them =P. If you want to know more about me you can find my bio here. is a project that originated during my Back End Web Development course at General Assembly. Interestingly enough I came with the idea for it when I noticed that I kept mailing ideas for my final project to myself in order to remember them (so meta!)

This iteration of is just a V1... actually more like a beta/alpha version. I have plans to further develop it and add new functionalities like the ability to receive a scheduled e-mail with you notes at the begging of the day (top request during user testing) and the ability to set up other reminders directly via e-mail!. Come back often to see what is new!


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